Is your husband’s birthday coming up but you literally don’t know what to get him? No problem – Beauty and Tips have got you covered with our bumper article that’s stuffed with 150 best creative birthday ideas for your husband.

We know what it’s like. Men – no matter how hard they protest at this – are hard to buy gifts for.

We buy them a sports jersey and it’s the “wrong team.”

We buy them a shirt, they make a weird face and then never ever wear it (despite their taste in fashion being so questionable.

Is it any wonder we just go for socks?!

The thing is that your husband wants you to buy him an awesome gift. He really wishes you knew what he wants.

Moreover, BB (Birthday Boy) deserves a great gift this year, don’t you think?

To help you make you husband smile this year, we decided to put together an article on the 150 best creative birthday ideas. These include gifts, surprises and experiences that husband bae will never forget!

Surprise Birthday Ideas For Husband:

Women love to be surprised (especially on their birthday), but guess what? So do men!

In this section, we cover the kind of surprises that will make this a birthday to remember for your man – including a tearful reunion with friends he hasn’t seen for years.

A Surprise Trip To His Childhood Town

If your husband often talks wistfully of his childhood, you might want to surprise him this year by taking him on a “spontaneous road trip” to his childhood town.

If he has nothing but good memories of the place he grew up in, he will LOVE this idea. Together, the two of you can stand outside his old home, where he can regale you with tales of the things he got up to. Then you can take a stroll through the park he used to play football, before having a drink in his first bar.

And then later, he can show you his school. He’ll have so many warm memories to share with you that things might even get a bit emotional!

Make Him a Meal

Okay, let’s say that this year you don’t have a large budget. A brand new BBQ grill is off limits, as is a video game chair and a trip away.

In that case, there’s nothing with spending bae’s birthday at home with him.

Of course, you have to do something for him – so why not make him his favourite meal? Get the ingredients in, cook up a storm in the kitchen and enjoy a candlelit dinner for two.

Finish off with cuddles on the sofa and a movie. Good times.


Repeat your Wedding Vows To Him

Wanna make your man cry on his birthday? Like, for real? Okay then …

Get your wedding vows out and read them to him.

OR – write them in his birthday card and let the big man read them himself.

This is a very romantic way of reaffirming the love you have for him on his birthday. It’s going to get very emotional! Even we’re getting a bit teary …

Surprise Him With Something Personalised

Make this years gift extra special by getting him something personalised.

This could be anything – a personalised wallet, a coffee mug, keychain, beer glass, a cheese board, a piece of art and so on.

Personalise the message – say happy birthday, or tell him you love him. Or simply personalise the gift with his name.

Give Him a Massage

Aren’t you just the sweetest wife EVER?

If you rarely – if ever – give your man a massage, he’s probably pretty grumpy about that. Because most men think the world OWES them a massage.

And as his wife? Well, you probably should at least give him a massage on his birthday.

Go on, it’s his birthday!

If he’s been stressed out and tense lately, a morning massage on the day of his birthday is a great surprise gift from you to him.

Spice things up with candles and oils.

If you’ve never given a massage before, or if you’re really rubbish at them, watch an online tutorial first. The last thing you want to do is hurt him!

Wear His Fav Sports Jersey

This is a weird gift because, while you’re the one wearing the sports jersey, the gift is really for him.

Does that make sense?

Basically, all sports mad husbands love their team so much that they would do anything to see their wives wearing their fav sports jerseys.

If you’ve always resisted so far and told him you don’t like sports, it’s probably upset him more than you realise.

So to get back in his good books and take him to his happy place on his birthday (aww), buy yourself his teams sports jersey and wear it on his birthday. Trust us, it will make him SO happy because it will show that you’re embracing his hobbies and sharing his support. He wants you to stand by him and his team. That might not mean much to you, but it means a lot to him. So do it!

And, hey, when it comes to bedtime you can slowly take it off …

A Surprise Trip to Europe

Europe is a patchwork of cultures. From sunny Spain to the ruins of Athens. From the cold of Norway to the pizzas, pasta and art of Italy – and everything in-between!

If you and your husband have long talked about going to Europe for a trip, his birthday is the perfect opportunity for you to surprise him with tickets to a tour of Europe.

Surprise him with this and then spend your time planning together. To keep it cheap, you could stay in hostels and AirBnBs. On the other hand, if you can afford it, you can, of course, stay in luxury five star hotels. It will be amazing!

Make a Photo Album For Him

There’s an argument that men aren’t as sentimental as women, and that a photo album of the things you two have done together won’t really mean much to him.

But we think that’s just not true.

Any man who is in a strong, loving relationship with his wife will be moved by a gesture like this. It’s incredibly romantic and thoughtful.

All you need to do is print off some of your fav photos of him and the two of you together. Then, buy a photo album and fill it with the photos.

On his birthday, the two of you can share a glass of wine, and leaf through the album, recollecting memories and reliving the great times you’ve spent together.

Then, you can toast the future.

N’aww, you guys!

Surprise Him With Breakfast In Bed

If your man has to work on his birthday, it’s gonna totally suck for him. Of course, that doesn’t mean his birthday HAS to totally suck.

This one time, get up earlier than him and make him breakfast in bed. Make him a FEAST before he has to go to work.