Love shopping but want to save some cash? How to save money shopping for clothes?

We get it. Every now and then, there comes a time when you have to budget. For whatever reason, you have to reign in your spending. This means less money on groceries, less money on entertainment … and, unfortunately, less money on clothes. It sucks!

Of course, for many of us, shopping is a joyful pursuit that brings us a lot of happiness. It’s not always about the spending – it’s about hunting down something new and gorgeous that we just can’t wait to take home and wear.

If you have to cut back on your spending habits but don’t want to stop shopping, here are 10 ways to save money on clothes.

First of all …

10 Tips On How to Save Money On Shopping For Clothes


Sell The Clothes You Don’t Wear

This sounds simple enough. But as any lady will tell you, it’s actually really hard!

Parting with any piece of clothing is difficult because we always say to ourselves, “But I might wear it soon!”

Deep down, if there’s an item of clothing you know for sure you’ll never ever wear again – sell it.

It sounds harsh, but don’t give it away to your friends. Either put it on eBay, or take it to a consignment shop. A consignment shop will sell it (hopefully), and when they do, they’ll give you a portion of the profits.

If you’ve got a LOT of clothes that you don’t wear anymore, why not take them to a car boot sale?

Then …

Make a List

When we go to the grocery store without a list, we end up spending a fortune, right?

It’s the same when it comes to clothes shopping. If you have no idea what you even intend to buy, you might find that you rack up a huge bill.

Before you leave the house, write a list first. Does this take all the fun away from shopping? Absolutely not! Indeed, it’s fun to write the list!

Go to Thrift Stores


This is another cool tip on how to save money shopping for clothes. There’s a lot of cool stuff to be found at thrift stores. Especially if you’re into the whole hipster/bohemian/artistic vibe, thrift stores could be your new manna from heaven.

There are literally so many bargains to be found. Pop in and see what you can find!

The good thing about thrift stores is that you don’t need to worry about the quality. They stock “gently” used clothing for a massive discount.

Plus, thrift stores tend to run regally sales.

Try not to confuse a vintage store for a thrift store by the way. They look similar from the outside, but whereas vintage stores are really quite expensive, thrift stores are dirt cheap. And that’s the most obvious difference.

Buy When Not In Season

Ever thought about buying a winter jacket in the middle of a summer heatwave?

“Of course I haven’t! Are you crazy?!”

Consider this: When something is out of season, stores need to find creative ways of shifting their stock. One of the ways is to sell items for a huge discount.

And although you might look totally odd as you shop around the mall for winter coats, boots, scarves and gloves during a heatwave, you’ll be making a massive saving.

Plus, you can always say that you’re heading to Iceland for a vacation!

Wait for January


If it’s only August, then obviously January is a longggg way off, and you’re probably not going to be able to wait until then.

But waiting until January is a smart idea because WINTER SALES.

So many things are reduced immediately after Christmas. If you’re looking to save money on clothes but still love to shop, why not wait until the winter?

You’ll pick up some amazing bargains!

Avoid Sales Unless You Really Need Something

How often have you bought an item of clothing from a sale just because it was on sale?

You didn’t really need it, and you’ve never actually worn it, but you got tempted because of the huge discount.

Sales do this to us: They make us want to buy clothes we don’t even need!

The next time you go to a sale, make sure that you only buy clothes you know you’re going to wear for sure. Otherwise, avoid.

Buy Less Expensive Workout Gear

How much do you spend on your workout gear? If you’re forking out over $60 for a pair of workout sneakers, you’re doing it wrong.

A workout is still effective no matter what you’re wearing.

Worried that you won’t look so great in the gym? You’ll still look just fine in cheaper clothing.

And come on, who looks great after a workout? We’re all sweaty, we stink – those $60 Puma trainers aren’t going to make this any better.

Swap With a Friend


This is another good tip on how to save money shopping for clothes. Swapping with a friend is kinda like going shopping – and it will certainly save you a lot of money.

The idea is that you go to a friends house with items of clothing that you’re willing to swap. Then, you take a look through items of clothing they’re willing to swap, and see if you can come up with a trade.

Sounds fun? It is!

Don’t stop there – why not organise a group trade with all your most fashionable friends?

Invest In Swimwear

While you can totally get away with spending less on workout gear (see above), you should spend more on swimwear.

Why? Because, while it can be expensive, the best swimwear lasts for years.

This is far better than cheap swimwear that lasts for one swim.

So that you’re not buying swimwear over and over again, buy once and buy expensive.

Shop In The Kids Section

This is another one of creative tips on how to save money shopping for clothes. If the size fits, why wouldn’t you shop in the kids section?

No, we’re not telling you to find your next evening dress in the kids section, nor are we suggesting you hunt down your next club outfit there either.

But kids t-shirts and hoodies are a lot cheaper than the same items of clothing for women – and they’ll do a job.