Summer has passed, winter has begun and this means that it is time to restore dry, damaged hair; we want our shine back!

The hair structure can be affected by many external factors: from shampooing to weather conditions. Therefore, not only you who needs a vacation, but also your hair!

Let’s look at 10 tips on how to repair damaged hair and make them look silky- smooth again.

1. Trim the tips, don’t be afraid!

This step is skipped by many ladies, but it shouldn’t be that way! If you noticed that your hair is very dry, then trim the ends. Do not regret it, because they will grow much faster and look more healthy.

2. Skip the heating tools for a while

Well, you have to give up curling iron for a while. Many manufacturers promise that their tools will not damage the hair structure, but this is rarely the case. Also, avoid using too many styling products. They can cause dryness. Before you purchase a new product – carefully study the ingredient list.

3. Use hair conditioner and nourishing masks

Even if you have thin hair and you do not like conditioner – do not skip this step to restore a hair structure. Use a nourishing hair mask from the middle of the length of your hair.

4. Protect your hair

Protect your hair, because a hair dryer (hot air) works on the structure and can provokes dryness. Therefore, use good heat-protective products, they are your faithful friend!

5. Don’t comb wet hair

Wet hair can be easily damaged, so before drying it, pat the length of the hair with a towel and wait a couple of minutes. This will help minimize the harm. And then let you hair dry, preferably naturally.

6. Make a honey hair mask

Make a home hair mask that will help nourish and protect your hair. Here is how you can do it: take 4 tablespoons of liquid honey and add some olive oil (1:1). Stir and apply to the length. Rinse well after  20 minutes. Make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to the ingredients of this mask, so test it before doing this mask,.

7. Use  hair restoring products.

It’s not only in hair salons that you can restore damaged hair. Brands produce home sets that can quickly and effectively bring your hair back to their natural beauty and structure. Check out hair nourishing ampoules and serums.

8. Use salon hair care procedures

Salon hair care procedures help to cope with many problems faster. One of these is Botox for hair. The hair structure is filled with special nourishing components that penetrate inside hair follicles, and the ends of your strands are “sealed”. As a result you get shine, smoothness and no dryness. Olaplex products are also very useful in repairing damaged hair.

9. Use hair oils

Oils are a universal remedy that can nourish, moisturize, protect and restore hair. It contains a lot of active components and vitamins. Which one to choose? Among the most popular oils that are good for hair are argan, coconut, castor, jojoba and almond oils.

10. Diversify your diet

Foods that are rich in vitamin E are very beneficial for hair health. It nourishes and strengthens hair follicles. Vitamin E is contained in: nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and others) and vegetable oils (such as olive oil). Vitamin A is another beneficial hair vitamin, it increases immunity, has an antioxidant effect and helps improve hair structure. Eat more fruits and vegetables that have yellow and orange colours (such as carrots, apricots, peaches, sea buckthorn).

To prevent hair dryness and dullness, you also can include more zinc-rich products into your diet. It can be found in herbs, seeds or seafood.

What are your best tips for beautiful, healthy and shiny hair?

Stay beautiful!