Ladies, we know how it is. You want a sign that he loves you but he just won’t give you any. You ask him if he loves you, and he grunts that he does and can he now get back to playing his video games, please?

Signs that he loves you deeply can seemingly be few and far between when you’re a few months into your relationship and want some reassurance. He’s told you he loves you a few times in the past, but you now want more evidence.

Some guys seemingly give few things away, but there is a number of signs that reveal how he really feels. Let’s take a look at ten signs he loves you deeply.

1. He Treats You Like A Lady

A surefire sign that your man loves you deeply is when he treats you like the lady you are. These days, younger guys are not especially schooled in the manners of treating a lady the right way, so it’s always a nice surprise when yours does.

This means he opens doors for you, foots the bill for you, buys you surprises, pampers you, respects you in public and always makes sure you’re safe and happy. He treats you as his equal and not someone who is inferior to him. If your man treats you like this, it’s important to treat him with the same respect!

2. He Is Full Of Pride When Talking About You

Guys who don’t love their girls deeply tend to be a little disappointed, frustrated and even angry with them. When talking about their “achievements” to their friends and family, they’ll adopt a gloomy, negative tone:

“So my girlfriend got fired again. Come on, mom, did we expect anything else?”

Guys who actually love you deeply, though, will be full of pride when talking about you. If you suffer a setback in life, such as losing your job, they’ll find a way to turn it into a positive:

“Hey, she knows that we all suffer setbacks now and then. She’ll learn from this and improve, because that’s just the type of girl she is.”

3. He Spoils You

Another one of signs he loves you deeply is when he loves to spoil you. Imagine returning home from 7 consecutive days in work, only to find your man hasn’t even made the dinner and is, in fact, playing his video games waiting for you to cook him dinner?

That doesn’t sound like true love to us. It sounds more like neglect.

If, however, your man loves you truly, madly, deeply, he’ll just love to spoil you all the time. If you’re at work and can’t get away to grab a coffee, he’ll come and bring you one. And he’ll also surprise with you a vacation that you totally didn’t expect. Because he truly and deeply loves you!

4. He Loves To Cuddle You

Ever been with a man who isn’t really into intimacy? It’s late at night and you fancy cuddling up in bed together, but he just turns onto his side and instantly starts snoring. There is nothing worse than a cold shoulder at night!

If your man is totally in love with you, though, he will just love to cuddle, and indeed will sometime instigate the cuddling. It won’t stop there, either: he’ll touch you, kiss you, and caress you. He won’t be able to get enough of you!

5. He Will Introduce You To His Buddies …

When a guy is really proud of the girl he loves, he won’t hesitate to introduce her to his friends, and this is another one of those signs he loves you deeply. Any man who is truly in love is not scared to hear what his friends might say about you, and will indeed defend you and your relationship to the hilt.

All that matters to him is yours and his happiness together. What others might think about you both is irrelevant, so if you get the call to say, “I’d like you to meet my friends,” you should be beaming with happiness.

6. … And Then His Parents

After his friends come his parents. This is another one of surefire signs he loves you deeply. If a guy is not in love with you, but instead feels as though the relationship is fizzing out, he won’t make the effort to take you to meet the parents. Well, he won’t even make the effort to take you to the restaurant.

But if you’re having dinner with mom and dad and looking through gawky baby pictures, you know you’ve got a keeper. Well done!

7. He’ll Stay In If You’re Sick…Even At The Weekends

One of the biggest sacrifices a guy could make is his weekend. And if you’re ill, and there’s a chance that he could catch it, you’ve certainly got a man who loves you on your hands, if he forsakes his sports, his buddies and his night out just to help nurse you back to health.

Looking after his woman whilst she’s sick is the truest sign of devotion, which is in turn the truest sign of deep love. Just try not to sneeze on him!

8. He Goes Where You Want To Go

Another one of good signs he loves you deeply is when he truly cares about your preferences. Selfish guys who demand that you both go where they want to go all the time don’t really have enough room in their egos to love anyone else but themselves.

But guys who are always open to your ideas on where to go have big hearts. Even if he’s not into Thai food, he’ll go to a Thai restaurant, if you really want to!

9. He Is Supportive Of Your Dreams

If a man loves you, he’ll support you no matter what. Rather than tell you that you’re a lame dreamer who refuses to live in the real world, he’ll back you 100%.

And don’t worry that your dream sounds too radical and that he’s just saying that he’s behind you – if he loves you deeply, he is totally behind you, and he will do everything to make your dreams come true.

10. He Compliments You All The Time

How frustrating is it when you date a guy who literally doesn’t even know what a compliment is, never mind how to forge one? You can dress up however much you like for him and wear some really striking lipstick, but all you’ll get is, “So are you actually ready now?”

Guys who love us deeply, though, will fire compliments our way all the time. They’ll tell us we look spectacular, and they’ll enjoy reminding us of our natural beauty. And, yes, it makes us feel great!